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This is a companion webpage for a Hacker Public Radio podcast I did on Icewm.

Icewm- first, a review

Icewm is a Window Manager for X, and has the following features.

Icewm - A technical problem, running dockapps under it.

Some dockapps run only in the withdrawn mode, which is compatable with Afterstep, Windowmaker, Fluxbox, and Blackbox. Dockapps that run in either withdrawn or regular modes are really only a cosmetic exercise. But dockapps designed to run only in withdrawn mode can cause problems, from wierd dialogs upon logout, to hanging the system at logout.

However, Icewm’s customizabily can’t be beat. An extra configuration file (all of which are stored in /home/username/.icewm,) called “winoptions,” allows specific instructions for each dockapp to be given. Here is a group from my winoptions file, with comments added in.

bubblefishymon.allWorkspaces: 1 # display on all workspaces
bubblefishymon.ignoreQuickSwitch: 1 # Don’t alt-tab switch
bubblefishymon.ignoreWinList: 1 # Don’t put in window list
bubblefishymon.ignoreTaskBar: 1 # Don’t put in task bar
bubblefishymon.dTitleBar: 0 # No title bar (close& max. button)
bubblefishymon.geometry: 6464+0+0 # position of window
bubbleterm.workspace: 2 # put “bubbleterm” in bg workspace
bubbleterm.ignoreWinList: 1 #Don’t put “bubbleterm” in win. list

As you can see, the cosmetic options would apply to all of dockapps you may want to run. Put on all workspaces, but keep out of Switching, Window Lists, or taskbars; we only want “real” application there.

Cosmetic issues aside, this example is taken from the dock app that I fould hardest to run, “bubllefishymon.” It only runs in a withdrawn mode, and will hang the logout process if run normally. The solution is to run it in an xterm. What we do is rename the xterm when we invoke it, so we can control it under the name “bubbleterm.” By doing this, we can continue to use the same xterm emulator without every launch of it going to workspace #2, the “background” or “Garbage” workspace.

Here is my script “startup” from the .icewm directory, this script runs to kick off my dockapps. I’ve again added in comments.

!# /bin/bash # This is a bash script
rox –pinboard=mypinboard # Kick Off rox-file as desktop
mrxvt -name bubbleterm -e bubblefishymon -t -k -neth1 &
# start mrxvt xterm, call in “bubbleterm”
# and run “bubblefishymon”
wmxmms -n -t &
asmail &

Here is the podcast: hpr0245lofi.ogg.

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