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Old HPR Episodes

I’ve uploaded my mirror of the episodes I made for hackerpublicradio in the past. I wanted to get this all up, because I want to write a post for each new episode, and am not sure if I want to write a post for each old episode yet.

For each post, you will find that I have multiple formats available. At HPR, they only post the MP3 version on their servers. I feel that ogg and flac should be available too. Ogg has, IMHO, a better sound and a free license behind the technology. Flac is the “free lossless audio codec” and has no loss of sound guarenteed, and the technology is under free license also.

If you choose to download and listen to these episodes, please know that learning how to edit audio, so that it actually sounds good, is a learned thing, so the earlier the episode, the more likely it sounds bad. Heck, at HPR, we are a self-taught lot, but I hear that many HPR hosts consider our self-taught unprofessionalism the mark of our authenticity.



Episode # 2 - Customization The Lost Reason for using Linux
Episode # 7 - Orwell Rolled Over In His Grave - Movie Review
Episode # 16 - Benefits of Virtualization
Episode # 48 - Virtualization Part 2: Qemu quickstart

Episode # 60 - Claws Email Client

Episode # 69 - Dreaded Condemned Smut Porno Episode
Where two podcasters learn the hard lesson, that even for hackers, tastes change and “political correctness” can develop. This episode, is not safe for work, not safe for anybody under the age of 23; heck, probably not safe for anybody at all and it was only put here for the sake of historical completeness. Please don’t download this episode!
Episode # 71 - Beowulf Cluster Introduction
Episode # 85 - Faubackup
Episode # 93 - Newsgroups for Media
Episode # 111 - Steal This Movie 2
Episode # 122 - Batch Processing On Linux
Episode # 131 - Adding Stereo to a Computer
Episode # 138 - Bee Soft Commander
Episode # 144 - Death Note - Japanese Anime Review
Episode # 156 - FRS/GMRS Walkie Talkie Review
Episode # 169 - Steganography
Episode # 233 - Rox-filer
Episode # 278 - Squashfs

Deepgeek introduces the squashfs, which compresses directories to be mounted later onto the filesystem taking up less space.

squashfs homepage

squashfs HOWTO

using apt-get to install squashfs:

apt-cache search squash
apt-get install squashfs-modules-2.6-amd64 squashfs-tools

[and add "squashfs" to the bottom of the files /etc/modules]

A squash example, using the username tim and a directory called docs:

mkdir /home/tim/smalldocs
mksquashfs /home/tim/docs /home/tim/docs.sqfs
sudo mount /home/tim/docs.sqfs /home/tim/smalldocs -t squashfs -o loop


Episode # 309 - Custom Compiling a Linux Kernel

My brief impressions on compiling a kernel.  Not a "HOWTO."


Episode # 355 - "Star Trek" movie review

My review of the move "Star Trek #0."

Episode # 396 - "Social Networking Sites" roundtable discussion.

In the third official Hacker Public Round Table, Klaatu, Deepgeek, and Tottenkoph talk about "social networking", personal information on the web, the concept of identity, and so on.

Download Podcast in Small Lo-Fi format OGG MP3Speex
Episode # 434 - "Free Software Apps" roundtable discussion.

In the fourth official Hacker Public Round Table, Klaatu, Deepgeek, Charles from MintCast, Russ from the Techie Geek, Russ from The Linux Ham Shack, and Seal gather at the official HPR Round Table to discuss what free software apps they use to make life easier.

Download Podcast in Small Lo-Fi format OGG MP3Speex