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Urban Golf

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Real Rule Breaker

Let’s talk sport, let’s talk about a “Hacked” sport. Urban Golf. We all know what regular golf is, images of Bing Crosby on a green course walking between holes with a caddy, his trusty pipe in hand. We are not talking that kind of golf, we are talking about a ruleless sport which, while it does involve hitting balls toward holes (”target” would be better here,) almost anything else goes.

So why do I say “hacked” sport. When you hack, you take something with a standard use, and change it’s use to a new invention. That is what happened here. This very strict game with governing bodies, official this and that, taken to an anarchisic free-wheeling fun sport. A sport that breaks the rules of the original sport.

Wanna-Be Rule Breaker

I’m always amused when I tell people about this wonderful sport. They say “you can’t do that, play golf anywhere, it breaks all the rules.” I’m always reminded of the image in pop movies of a guy “who breaks the rules.” When these people meet us, the hackers, the anarchists, the real rule breakers, they don’t idolize us and swoon, they tend to freak.

Teeing Off on a one way street

So how is this game played? What rule is left? The “big rule” is “Don’t be an asshole.” This can be rephrased legally as “respect other’s property.” After that, it is a matter of grabbing a ball, and a club. You look yonder, pick something, like a fire hydrant or a dumpster, and begin hitting the ball toward it.

Here are some tips others have found usefull for playing this game.

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Get out there and have some fun!